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Good news about the certificate of "Approved Exporter Recognition Qualification" of Hangxin Technology


In order to help enterprises make good use of the "Approved Exporter" system under RCEP, Shantou Customs and Meizhou Customs actively cultivate qualified AEO advanced certification enterprises to apply for "Approved Exporter" certification to help enterprises deeply understand the scope of RCEP tariff concessions, " One-on-one on-site guidance to enterprises on how to master RCEP rules of origin, "Approved Exporter" requirements and application procedures, helping enterprises to continue to improve their level of RCEP benefits.


Recently, Hangxin Technology successfully obtained the "Approved Exporter" status under the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), becoming the second enterprise in Meizhou City to achieve this status. This achievement was made possible by the long-term care, attention, and guidance from Shantou Customs and Meizhou Customs towards Hangxin Technology. With this recognition, the company will leverage the advantages of being an "Approved Exporter" to fully enjoy the benefits of the rules of origin policies.

"Approved Exporters" refer to enterprises that have been legally recognized by the customs and can issue independent declarations of origin for the goods they export or produce that qualify as origins under relevant preferential trade agreements. The application to become an approved exporter to meet the three conditions, first of all, must be a senior customs certified enterprises, and secondly, enterprises should master the rules of origin under the relevant preferential trade agreements, but also to establish a complete management system of origin qualification documents. Upon successfully obtaining this qualification, enterprises can enjoy the combined benefits of "AEO+RCEP," providing them with greater momentum for international expansion.

After obtaining the "Approved Exporter" designation, Hangxin Technology can autonomously issue certificates of origin when exporting goods to relevant countries, in accordance with the "Management Measures of the People's Republic of China for Approved Exporters" issued by the General Administration of Customs of China. These self-issued certificates hold the same validity as certificates of origin issued by customs authorities and enable Hangxin Technology to apply for preferential tariff treatment in treaty-contracting countries. This means that Hangxin Technology can arrange exports more flexibly, improve customs clearance efficiency, help customers shorten transaction cycles, reduce operational costs, enhance export benefits, and provide momentum for the company's further expansion into international markets and high-quality development.

As the second "approved exporter" qualified enterprise in Meizhou City, Hangxin Technology has issued the first RCEP declaration of origin on its own, with which the goods can obtain preferential export tax rate. This is the first RCEP declaration of origin issued by the company since the entry into force of the RCEP agreement, which is conducive to the company's more flexible stance in arranging for the production and export of goods, and effectively improve the international competitiveness of enterprises. The following picture is the report of April 15 in Nanfang Daily.


In the future, Hangxin Technology will adhere to the business principle of "Customer First, Quality First", adhering to the business philosophy of "Comprehensive solidarity. Safety and Environment-friendly. Precise management for profit. Innovation for long-term development", further focusing on the main responsibilities of the main business, adhering to the style of work of "professionalism, pragmatism, high efficiency, synergy", conducting business in a solid and efficient manner, giving full play to the role of "Approved Exporter" qualification certification, striving to explore international markets and promote the high-quality development of my country's foreign trade.