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The Anti-Narcotics Detachment of Dongguan Public Security Bureau led the leadership team of the Precursor Chemicals Management Association to Hangxin Technology to conduct exchanges on the management


On the morning of March 25, Ye Runhong, deputy captain of the Second Brigade of the Anti-Drug Detachment of the Dongguan Municipal Public Security Bureau, led a leadership team of the Dongguan Precursor Chemicals Management Association to meet with relevant leaders of the Anti-Narcotics Detachment of the Meizhou Municipal Public Security Bureau and Meizhou Precursor Chemicals Management Accompanied by the leadership team of the association, they went to Hangxin Technology to conduct visits and exchange activities.

At the symposium, after both parties watched the promotional video of Hangxin Technology, Deputy General Manager Yang Hai introduced the company's overview and development history, as well as the chemical properties and uses of the company's leading products potassium permanganate and sodium permanganate, focusing on Information on the company’s management of precursor chemicals. Team Ye said that by watching the company's promotional video and situation report, he could truly appreciate the "specialty" of Hangxin Technology - focusing on core business and having the ability to produce specialized production, services and collaborative supporting facilities. Subsequently, the participants had a full exchange on how to manage precursor chemicals, and visited the production workshops of potassium permanganate and sodium permanganate on site.

This visit and exchange made Hangxin Technology fully aware of the importance of the management of precursor chemicals. Next, we will work hard to improve the level of risk prevention and control, enhance the awareness and ability of prevention, blockage, and control, from the production and sales links. Effectively control the situation and strictly prevent precursor chemicals from flowing into illegal channels.